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    Lesson 1: Genealogy Standards and Guidelines. What you need to Know First $10.00

    Lesson 2 : Recording your Family Tree; First StepsFamily Group Sheets $10.00

    Lesson 3 : Organizing For a successful searchDeveloping an organization System $10.00

    Lesson 4 : Your Tree; Staring your first SearchAll About Pedigree Charts $10.00

    Lesson 5 : What’s in a Name: Surname SearchesAll about Surname Searches $10.00

    Lesson 6: What’s in a First Name?How to use in searches as Hints and clues $10.00

    Lesson 7: Where did they go? Where is that?Searching By Place $10.00

    Lesson 8: A Look at Genealogy SoftwareThe good, The Bad and the Ugly $10.00


    Adoptive Family Tree 3-generation family tree chart with branches for both adoptive and biological parents $5.00

    Kid’s Family Tree Kid-friendly 4-generation family tree chart.  

    Step-Family Tree 3-generation family tree chart with branches for step-parents.  

    Cemetery Visit Tracking Form A place to write record inscriptions and details from visits to the cemetery.  

    Major Milestones Form
    Use this form to catalog the key milestones of a particular ancestor. Milestones might include birth ofchildren, illness, military service, marriage, migrations, jobs, major family events, court dates, deaths, or any other significant events.



    Marriage Index tracking
    When researching information on a particular surname within a particular state, record the pertinent marriage index information here..



    U.S. Census Tracking Form
    Write the person you’re researching in the “Ancestor” column and then check off the corresponding date after searching the relevant records.



    U.S. Military Ancestor Tracking Form
    Write the person you’re researching in the “Ancestor” column and then check off the corresponding war after searching the relevant records.



    Step-by-Step Genealogy Guide Using This Guide
    • Comments
    • Additional resources
    Chapter 1: Getting Started
    • Short Introduction
    • Paperwork in Order
    • Family Interviews
    • Initial Databases
    • Government Sources
    • Leaning on Others
    • References/ Action items
    Chapter 2: How to Complete a Family Tree Chart
    • Mastering the Six-Generation Family Tree Chart
    • Step-by-Step: Generations One Through Three
    • Step-by-Step: Generations Four Through Six
    • Seven Generations and Beyond
    Chapter 3: Searching Cemeteries
    • How to Start
    • Cemeteries Online
    • Visiting a Cemetery
    • Cleaning a Headstone
    • References/ Action items
    Chapter 4: Searching Public Records
    • Legal Names & Birth Dates
    • Office of Vital Records
    • Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs
    • The U.S. Census
    • Local Courthouses
    • Other Public Record Sources
    • References/ Action items
    Chapter 5: Genealogy Reunion
    • Reunion Committee
    • Committee Agenda
    • At the Reunion
    • Reunion Warning
    • References/ Action items
    Chapter 6: The LDS Utah Center
    • The Website
    • Preparing for Your Visit
    • LDS Orientation
    • Doing Research
    • References/ Action items
    Final Comments
    • Feedback
    • Quotes on Family

    Reference Guide: Family Relationships    

    Reference Guide: Vital Records Dates Vital records (i.e., Birth, Marriage, and Death Records) were officially kept at the state and county level
    at different times in different states. This makes it critically important that you know when the state
    you’re searching started to keep records (otherwise, you risk wasting time).

    Genealogy Beginner