• Preserving Family History: The Creative Family Tree

    Genealogists and Family Historians are coming up with some wonderfully creative ways to document and share family trees. From video documentary to fine art pieces, the ways we are honoring our ancestors is becoming more and more creative.

    Video Documentary Family Tree

    Documenting your family tree can become a visual auditory experience with the help of a company called Reel Tributes.

    The inspiration for the company came with the passing of founder David Adelman’s Grandmother Eunice. Wanting to express her story, Adelman and his mother put together a video that documented their family history. The film tracked their family through photographs and stories beginning in 19th century Russia to their current life in San Francisco.

    Emotionally powerful, the film created such a strong response that it motivated Adelman to start the company. Reel Tributes provides a way for families to memorialize their histories in a distinctive format.

    As part of their service, Reel Tributes uses:

    • Interviews
    • Home videos
    • Photographs
    • Archival footage

    Set to music and narrated throughout, the TV quality documentary films produce an overall effect that is eloquent and compelling.

    Facebook Family History Book

    As of 2011, Facebook had over 5 million users that is one in every 13 people. It is no small surprise that more and more family historians are using the social network to pay homage to their ancestors.

    The new timeline has a beautiful display that allows families to come together and share information in real time; no matter how distance may separate them.  Taken as a whole, a facebook page works as an interactive family history book.  The unique format makes it possible to document your family’s story with photos, family legends, historical records, recipes and more.  It may even lead you to finding new cousins who can help you grow and enrich your family tree.

    Ancestral Art

    Writer Thomas Merton said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.  Most genealogists would probably agree that those words ring equally true in describing the experience of tracing our roots.

    One of the most touching tributes to family history I have seen came in the form of a collage. Using scraps of material from old garments, copies of photographs, records and old letters the artist created a pictorial representation of their family’s journey from Czechoslovakia to Canada.

    Creating a collage is a wonderful way of presenting a visual story of your family history.

    Better yet, it is so easy you do not need to be a professional artist to make one. All it takes is some good quality copies of photos and documents as well as a few art supplies and you will have not only a visual reference but also a gorgeous new piece of art for your wall. A collage also makes a wonderful gift and it is simple to have prints made from your original.

    Of course, all of this starts with those first steps of learning genealogy.

    Genealogy Beginner can get you started with a free one-month subscription that includes Eight, Step-by-Step Weekly Lessons, Personal Support from Our In-House Genealogists and a starter kit complete with family tree charts, research tracking forms and more.

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