• New Magazine for Genealogy Beginners

    All of a sudden there seems to be a run on posts related to magazines. Here is another one I came across this morning. Discovering Family History is a new magazine geared toward the beginning genealogist. You can download a free (no sign-up required) preview at the link above. The publisher writes: “Welcome to Discovering Family History, the latest magazine from the publishers of Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy and History Magazine. This new bi-monthly magazine is targeted at people who are starting their genealogy, need a refresher course or are tackling a new aspect of genealogy.


    Discovering Family History articles are being written by some of the most respected book and magazine authors ­ and many of them have extensive experience of teaching genealogy courses, either face-to-face or online.

    Even if you have been conducting your genealogy research for many years, you may want to take a look at what Discovering Family History has to offer: as you get more and more into your family history, you will find the need to investigate resources that are completely new to you. Discovering Family History can help.”

    I love this free preview. The articles appear to be exciting and well written. Some article titles include:

    • A Few Fantastic Free Family History Websites
    • Let Obituaries Speak to You (<– With an Excellent Graphic)
    • Who Else is Researching Your Name
    • What is a Vital Record

    Good stuff!


    Where to Next?

    Blank Family Tree with Step-by-Step Instructions


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