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    old photosDo you know how to unravel the secrets of your unique family history?

    Knowing who you are and where you come from is so incredibly enriching and rewarding. It starts as a curiosity and, with a little help from Genealogy Beginner, swiftly grows into a passionate delight; as you discover the amazing tales of your ancestors lives, their courage and hardships.

    Your History is Waiting

    At Genealogy Beginner our lessons are planned in a way that will help you to:

    • Personalize your family History
    • Create a connection to your past
    • Give you a sense of pride in your roots
    • Discover yourself through your ancestors
    • Help you find living relatives
    • Bring your family closer together via sharing and combining efforts

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    We have designed a phenomenal course of study for the beginning genealogist that allows you the freedom to learn genealogy at your own rate and according to your ancestral interests. With a broad range of Family History and Genealogy subjects available to you; choose your topics of interest

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    Your unknown past is filled with boundless possibilities and here is where your voyage to discovery begins! Give yourself the never ending gift of heritage that will become your legacy to future generations. Enroll now in genealogy classes at Genealogy Beginner .

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