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    Two major genealogy research services ceased posting Social Security numbers last week after receiving serious complaints from the public.

    Genealogy and Privacy Violations

    The cause, complaints of privacy violations by two individuals after the Social Security Administration falsely listed them as deceased.


    Scripps Howard News Service, first to investigate the Social Security’s Database known as the Death Master File discovered the errors earlier this year. During their investigation, Scripps Howard identified 31,931 American citizens incorrectly recorded as deceased

    Genealogy Sites Involved

    Genealogybank.com was the first to stop, having made the decision to “err on the side of privacy” as stated by Daniel Jones, vice president of consumer products for Newsbank.com; parent company to Genealogybank. Shortly afterward, at the request of federal lawmakers Ancestry.com followed suit.

    What Family Tree Site Will Be the Next to Fall?

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who operate FamilySearch.org. Along with other genealogy research sites, have also received requests to stop granting access to the full Death Master File.

    Erik Hawkins, representative for FamilySearch.org stated in a story released by Scripps Howard News Service 12/15/2011 “We are looking into how this matter can be resolved.”

    For the full story: http://public.shns.com/content/genealogy-sites-remove-social-security-numbers-deceased

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