• How To Do A Family Tree – 4 Critical Public Resources

    I thought it would be helpful to review the public resources available to you when trying to figure out how to do a family tree. We cover each of these in detail in The Genealogy Guide so I won’t go overboard here. Sometimes knowing the list of resources available is half the battle.




    How To Do A Family Tree – Four Must Know Resources

    • First of all, you need to know that much of the Social Security database can be accessed as a part of public record in the United States. This is a great place to start
    • Other Government resources include the Office for Vital Records and the Department of Veteran Affairs
    • Don’t overlook your local courthouse or other public records like those kept by the Knights of Columbus
    • Finally, local records from the main ports of call in the US are a great source for immigration records

    This is just the basics. What do you think? Am I missing a fundamental public resource? Use the comments area below to add your favorite basic public source for genealogy record hunting.

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