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    Getting organized is the first and most important step in initiating your genealogy project. A family tree is a chart that outlines the results of a genealogy search. Making a family tree starts with getting your paperwork in order. Starting the search for your own family tree marks the beginning of a private adventure into your personal history. You’ll find delightful surprises, family secrets, and heartaches. The treasures you find will be enjoyed by generations who follow.


    Getting Yourself Ready For a Genealogy Search

    You’ll search for documents that can verify family stories – birth certificates, military records, wills, marriage licenses, and deeds. Therefore, It is a good idea to prepare a notebook to organize yourself.

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    To Organize or Be a Genealogy Slob
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    When doing genealogy you’ll also explore how to plan a family reunion or visit with relatives to obtain all the information you can. You’ll visit to your local courthouse to learn about searching public records. We’ll address countless genealogy search web sites and look through their database for your family information.

    You can hire a professional genealogy search company to find missing ancestors when your own leads are exhausted. But I know that after you’ve gathered your initial information, you’ll focus on one ancestor at a time. You’ll be more successful and get less discouraged if you research one person at a time. Ready? Ok, let’s get started.

    What Does a Family Tree Template Look Like?

    Most family tree templates wont allow for Aunts, Uncles, or Cousins. This is because a family tree typically includes only you, your grandparents, great grandparents, etc. (Note that others have argued this point. Some believe that searching for Aunts, Uncles, or Cousins can provide leads back to your own bloodline. I agree that they can find leads; they still have no business on your own tree.)

    Building a Genealogy Chart or Template

    A genealogy chart starts with you and then branches first to your parents and then your grandparents. From there it goes to your great grandparents, great-great grandparents, and so on.

    At a minimum, a genealogy chart will have the full name for each entry. Many will argue that (at a minimum) the genealogy chart should include date of birth and date of death.

    A good family tree has formal evidence behind every entry. Birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses are all typical sources of evidence. The complete Genealogy Guide provides a lot of details on how to find these documents.


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