• Resources

    We’ve scoured the web looking for the best deals on quality genealogy resources and supplies. Here you’ll find all of the items you’ll need to get started:

    Genealogy Site Video Reviews
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    Genealogy Software
    There are a wide variety of software products available. We’ve reviewed the big names and little names and invite you to preview each carefully before deciding which software is best for you.

    Online Family Tree Services
    There are several major websites where you can register, for a fee, and streamline the process of searching for your ancestors. There are some really great ones and some not so great ones. We’ve tried to weed out the tier 2 players and list for you the best resources in this area.

    Family Tree Templates/ Forms
    Here we list out free and non-free family tree templates and forms that you can download or have delivered by mail. Regardless of if or what you decide to pay, a solid set of templates and forms is crucial to organization and success.

    As deals change and new suppliers come to market, we update these listing to do what we can to make sure you a getting great supplies at a great price.