• What To Ask The Crypt Keeper – Genealogy Research at Graveyards

    Some people have asked me about gravestone photos. We received a couple of emails on that, so I thought it would be helpful to write a little about the role of graveyards in your genealogy research. They are critical! As you get your hands on death certificates or even learn more about where your ancestors lived, you’ll be able to consult the local graveyards to find information on spouses, birth dates, and other family members. Keep in mind that in many cases, families are buried together (sometimes for several generations). This was truer for our ancestors than it is for us today. People didn’t travel as they do today.


    Our past generations tended to live in the same area. This makes graveyards a great resource. Also remember that many graveyards are denomination specific. Don’t waste time looking for a Catholic ancestor in a Protestant graveyard.


    One Response to “What To Ask The Crypt Keeper – Genealogy Research at Graveyards”
    1. Cheryl Sutton says:

      I have definately found this helpful. I have a whole file in my computer on “Family Tombstones.” It actually helped me get started.

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