• Free Genealogy Software: Making Your Choice

    Download sofwar3eChoosing a genealogy software program really boils down to choosing the right program for you. To know this you will have to try out a few for yourself. Adding up to three generations during your test trials is a minimum time investment that will:

    • Reveal the program that is the best match for you
    • Give you a good idea of what your chart and reports will look like


    Using this approach helped me narrow it down to the following three excellent choices in free genealogy software.

    Genealogy Research Software (Gramps 3.3)

    Overall Gramps is a great program that has pretty much every feature chart and report option you could dream of. If you have great computer skills you are going to love it, if not this may not be a good program for you. Gramps also has a few extra features that are quite nice, like the Gramplets feature that helps you monitor your progress and analyze data.

    For a more in depth review of Gramps3.3 including a link where you can download the software for free, join us on the Genealogy in General forums now.

    RootsMagic 5

    The free version of RootsMagic genealogy software is slick, good looking and starts off with an option to import data right at the opening screen. RootsMagic is also loaded with an impressive list of features and extras. The only drawback to this superb free version of the program is that it will not attach documents or allow you to publish your research. However that should not be a great deterrent as those features and many more are available on the full paid version should you choose RootsMagic as your long term genealogy software?

    For a more in depth review of RootsMagic including the download links join us on the Genealogy in General forums now.

    My Heritage Family Tree Builder

    My Heritage open source family tree software has an incredible, easy to navigate layout in a gorgeous design. With fantastic easy access drop down menus and a convenient back button it makes entering data fast and efficient. The downside of this amazing free program is that there is a data entry limit of 250 individuals. I don’t really consider that a serious deal breaker for the beginning genealogist, as you can choose from a three tier upgrade adding as needed; or export to GedCom if you want to change programs.

    For a more in depth review with download links of My Heritage join us on the Genealogy in General forums now.

    Don’t be afraid to download a few programs and give them a try. I can assure you that removing the unwanted programs is as simple as the initial down loads. Please remember; before you start downloading to scan for viruses.

    Don’t forget to join us on the forums for a breakdown of the key features in each of these exceptional free version genealogy software programs.

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