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    download your six generation family treeHello there. Thank you for visiting us here at Genealogy Beginner. We have a great 6-Generation family tree that you can download. Click here to download your template

    This template is available for download directly from this site and comes with a detailed instructions guide.

    This is a fairly standard six-generation family tree chart that is a great place to start for the first time genealogist or student. The chart has the following key qualities:

    • It contains ample space to notate the three key dates including birth, marriage, and death
    • Each key date is accompanied by a reference for location up through the 5th generation
    • Each sixth generation notation contains space to enter a “continuation number” that can be carried over onto subsequent charts providing ample opportunity to document your ancestors back 12, 18, and even 24 generations

    This blank family tree chart is a core tool in any genealogists tool belt. Please feel free to modify this design to your own needs. However, please note that you are given permission for unlimited personal use. This chart may not be sold or traded without written permission of the author.

    To your success,



    29 Responses to “Download a Blank Family Tree Template”
    1. Danielle C. says:

      I really enjoyed using the family tree templates. I found it much easier to search my family history after I used it, because I could then write down all of information I found! I’d like to thank the people who created this website, so I can find out more about where I come from! Thanks!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Thank you for the family tree.My Third grade children will enjoy this project!!!

    3. Scott says:

      Family tree download worked great! Am using it for a family history project my son is doing for a class. I like how many generations are on one page – most I found only have four or five generations. Thank you!

    4. Pam says:

      Hi Chris, On my mothers mothers paternal side I have managed to go back as far as 1586 during queen elizabeths reign in North Yorkshire England. I am trying to find some sort of template that I could maybe clip together like a jigsaw adding the various branches of my family making one big tree

    5. Chris says:

      Hi Pam – The 6-generation chart you downloaded would be perfect for this if you use the Chart # and Continuation # notations correctly.

      I pulled out a couple paragraphs from the “How to Complete a Family Tree Chart” guide that talks about this. You can check it out at http://portma.net/bDFeao.

      The full guide might also be helpful. You’ll also find a number of other chart formats there that might help you get the best design. Click “Make a Family Tree” above to read more about these other resources.

      Hope this helps.

    6. Glenn says:

      Chose two templates, both of of which were easy to obtain. Looking forward to transferring website information to hard copy which will avoid switching tabs as often. Thank you.

    7. Chris Barnes says:

      Hi there i really like you all’s chart
      i just wanted to know if you guys had a free 10 generation or up chart for download in the same form as this one

      I sure hope you can help

      • Chris says:

        Hi Chris –

        Sorry. We don’t have a 10 generation chart that fits on a single page (that would be a lot of lines!). However, there is a method of using the chart IDs that allow you to use the classic 6-Generation family tree and extend it to 12, 18… to as many generations as you like.

        You can read about this method at the step-by-step instructions. You can read about getting your hands on these instructions at the URL below:


        Thanks for writing. Good luck to you,


    8. Gregor says:

      Successfully downloaded the PDF file, thank you. It certainly gives excellent pointers as to what to include. As I have much information and want to ‘save’ it if a form I can sent to relations I have now located a Excell file which I have modified to include sufficient generations. However, your PDF format can be passed on to beginners researching at other families.

      Thank you

    9. Anonymous says:

      It downloaded Perfectly, but I haven’t had a Chance to print it yet. Thankyou so much for making it free! I an Just doing this for fun and can’t afford to pay for it. Do you Know of any good genealogy search Sites that you can use for free? thanks again!

      • Chris says:

        That’s great to hear. We love to hear that things went well. We even like to hear when things don’t go well so we can fix it!

        Great question. There are lots of different free resources available. I’m going to suggest you visit the link below:


        This lists 101 ways to research your family tree for free. You’ll find some of the databases there are “free for a trial period” but there are also a number of gems at that source which are truly free.


    10. Pat says:

      Hi, I followed your instructions to download by right cliking, put a floppy disk in to download onto- It all went to lala land as when finished my floppy was empty. Fortunately I had also printed single copies of your book and all charts,so I do have a copy of each- so I am happy. But sure would like to know what went wrong.

      Charts look great, not quite sure if I understand the numbering of charts- will study some more then coome back with questions later. Pat

      • Chris says:

        Hi Pat – So sorry I missed this comment before now. You are always welcome to contact us directly if you don’t get a response from a comments post quickly. It sounds like there might have been a issue with where the files were downloaded. If you’re still having trouble, feel free to send me an email directly and I’ll forward the documents as an email attachment so you have them on file.

        Glad you’re enjoying the materials. You’ll find the special guide, “How To Complete a Family Tree Chart” will help explain the numbering system. Give us a call or write if it doesn’t make sense after reading that guide.

    11. Susan says:

      Thanks so much for the template. I had started trying to make one on my own, but decided to go and look if someone had already invented the wheel. Sure enough, there it was. I am building my tree through an online service, but I really have the need to have it on paper as well. Thanks again!

      • Chris says:

        That’s great to hear Susan! It makes a lot of sense to have a paper version as well. I always find it helps keep things clear. Good luck with your search!


    12. CHRISTINE says:

      Thanks Chris, the family Tree chart.I found it simple to download and easy to use.

      Regards christine.

    13. Karen says:

      Download went fine-Thanks a lot!

    14. Debbie says:

      Thankyou so much for this site. It has helped me lots

    15. Barbara says:

      hi Chris,

      Many thanks for the free download of Family chart. It downloaded very easily and the print out was excellent.

      It is great to know there are kind prople out there willing to ahare and help us beginners.

      Look forward to using the site more in future


    16. 2kara says:

      Nice simple charts for beginners and those who have lapsed in researching their family tree history genealogy.

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