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    How to Find

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    of Blank Family Tree Templates

    Visitors to Genealogy Beginner are often looking for family tree templates they can use to get a better understanding of what their family tree should look like.

    A great place to look is Google images.  Google has an archive of hundreds of thousands of images of family trees.

    Click here to view thousands of blank family trees!

    Download Blank Family Trees
    The list of websites below each have a link that will direct you to a web page where you can download free blank family trees.  We’ve avoided any sites that require registration and reviewed everything to make sure there were no strings attached.

    The bold links will bring you right to their site and and the bulleted links can be used to download the charts directly.

    Family Tree Resources

    Misbach Enterprises

    Microsoft Templates

    Please feel free to bookmark this page.  As we come across new sites like these, I’ll be sure to add them to the list.


    I hope you find these links helpful.  Let me close by recommending a great article by Rachna Gupta about family tree charts and templates.  She has some fantastic recommendations and does a wonderful job talking about how you can create your own, unique family tree design.

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