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    Wondering How To Make A Family Tree – It Boils Down To Just Three Core Documents Your Searching For!

    I receive great feedback every day by email. I wish more people would use the comments form below to share their experience.  Please don’t hesitate to do so yourself. Regardless, keep the questions coming. I wanted to write right away and respond to everyone with the answer to a great question I received. One beginner genealogist wrote, “All this about government resources and talking to your family is great but it’s still not clear what I’m looking for.”

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    Making a Family Tree – The Challenges of Beginning Genealogists

    We did a survey a little while back where I asked the original visitors to this website what their biggest challenge was when making a family tree. The idea was to make sure the website was a resource that would help people overcome these initial barriers.




    This is what people said was their hassle.

    • Trying to figure out how to complete a formal family tree chart (like the one you downloaded)

    Making a Family Tree – What to Record

    In case you are a novice, researching the genealogy of your family, you will know that you have to begin with yourself and move outward to your immediate family next. Keep a blank family tree and pedigree chart handy since you will have to record all the information there.  You should record the following data for each person: name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, spouse, children and parents. If there is any other interesting fact, Continue reading “Making a Family Tree — What to Record” »

    Great New Step-by-Step Genealogy Guide

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    If you’re having trouble getting started with making a family tree, let me suggest this great new genealogy guide. This step-by-step guide will provide you with clear, concise, instructions on all of the problems and challenges you face when starting to make a family tree: