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    How to Make a Better Family Tree

    Many families take great pride in their ancestry; maintaining and preserving their family history in great detail. For countless others, knowing their origins determines for them, to a great degree, how they see themselves today. When you first set out on this journey and begin to learn just how much time and effort are required to study your family’s roots it can be a little daunting. For this reason some people may shy away from this rewarding pass time thinking Continue reading “How to Make a Better Family Tree” »

    About Genealogy Trees

    Picture this, you have gathered all of the information for your immediate family and grandparents and are ready to start documenting it. You have looked all over the internet and have found so many types of family tree charts that you are now completely overwhelmed. What type of tree should you use? My advice to the beginning genealogist is…for now… just keep it simple. Start off with your family group sheet and a basic six generation pedigree chart. At Continue reading “About Genealogy Trees” »

    Genealogy Trees | The Role of Cemeteries

    As regular readers of this site you know I’m a big fan of making sure cemetery research is a method used for researching your genealogy and family trees.  Below is an example from Southern Graves (see link below for original post) on how we can find our past generations using cemetery search methods.




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    Mrs. Eliza B. R. Mendenhall died almost 160 years ago on December 29, 1848. She was 67 Continue reading “Genealogy Trees | The Role of Cemeteries” »