• What is a Resident Genealogist?

    A resident genealogist is a professional on staff at a library, archives or even on a genealogy website who is there to provide family tree research advice and guidance, particularly to genealogy beginners.  A quick question to the resident genealogist may save you time as well as a great deal of frustration and it can be a lot of fun.

    If nothing else your Genealogist in Residence is almost certainly, part detective and part historian. A website with a resident genealogist is showing you how much they care about you, their members and how important it is to them to help you in every way they can.

    What Does a Resident Genealogist Do?

    A resident genealogist:

    • Searches out new genealogy resources
    • Provides educational materials
    • Writes articles about genealogy
    • Answers questions about family tree research
    • Can help genealogy beginners to understand genealogical documents
    • Provides tips and inspiration to keep you motivated

    The primary duty of a resident genealogist is to help you learn to conduct your own genealogy research.

    How can a Resident Genealogist Help Me?

    When you have hit a brick wall a resident genealogist can help you find more resources or make suggestions on where to look next. If you are having a difficult time understanding your ancestor’s birth, marriage or death certificate, a resident genealogist is always happy to help.  Any problem you come across is like candy to a resident genealogist, so do not be shy about asking.

    What Kind of Questions can I ask?

    You can ask any questions you need; no question is too big or too small. When asking your question include the details, give the names dates and places of the ancestor you need help with. State why reading a particular document is a problem, is the writing is too faded or messy. Want to know what a third cousin twice removed is or what all those numbers on a Family Tree form mean…just ask!

    Genealogy Beginner encourages you to go to our resident genealogist with your questions. You can usually find her on the Ask a Genealogist forum or on our Facebook page.

    Image Credit: dbickert via Photobucket

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