• Publishing Your Family History Book

    Early in January, our facebook friends told Genealogy Beginner about the exciting genealogy projects you had planned for 2012.  Top among your projects was publishing your family history book.

    Genealogy Beginner thinks publishing your family history is an outstanding goal and we want to support you in your efforts.  With that in mind, here is some information that will bring you closer to reaching it.

    Publishing your family history book is a big step.  There is more to it than simply sending it to the printer. Before you get to that place, you need to consider a couple of important points.

    Copyright your book! Even though, under the Berne Convention you automatically own copyright. Copyrighting your book it will guarantee your intellectual property rights and protect your from copyright infringement. If you are thinking that it sounds like a bit of a hassle, do not worry copyright it is a lot easier than you may have imagined.

    In order to copyright, your book you will need to send three items in to the office where you wish to register.

  • A form TX
  • A non-refundable filing fee
  • A deposit for the work you are registering

    The fees will depend on the office (country specific), to which you are sending them and it is important that you send all items in the same envelope. There are several offices and a quick Google search will point them out to you.

    Do you know your options when it comes to publishing?
    You have several options when it comes to publishing your family history book. Genealogy Beginner recommends the following two choices.

    Self Publish
    Self-publishing is probably your best choice if your book is for yourself.  Self-publishing is as easy as printing out at home or sending your work in to a local printer. If you plan to print out at home, three ring binders work well for expanding your work later. However, having your work professionally printed will give you the option of having the printer do the binding.

    Work with an On-Demand publisher.
    On-demand publishing is a great choice if you want to offer your book for sale, either to the public or within your family.  Probably the greatest benefit to on-demand publishing is that it is very budget friendly as there are no up-front costs to you.

    Of course, you can choose to go with a commercial publisher or look into offering your family history book as an eBook. It will all depend on your objective.

    For a list of On-demand publishers, join us on the forum “Genealogy in General”.  If you have already published your family history book Genealogy Beginner wants to know about it. Stop by, join the discussion and share some tips with other genealogy beginners.

    Image Credit: Inkyphoto via Photobucket

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