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    Why My Story Will Amaze You…

    After An Endless 2 Month Struggle,

    I Eventually Found The Perfect

    Public Records Resource And

    Found My Relatives That Same Hour!

    If you’re thinking about signing up for Ancestry.com, MyHeritage.com or any other online public records search tool, I’m extremely relieved that you’ve found my blog because not only will my story amaze you, it’ll almost certainly save you money as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

    I will tell you exactly why over a 2 year period I tried but was forced to give up on my family search with Ancestry.com, MyHeritage, and other “Pay to Play” genealogy websites.

    What I found was challenging customer service, price increases, and a confusing interface. I wasn’t sure if what I was finding was even MY ancestors!

    There were so many promises and small print wanting me to pay extra that I didn’t know when I was using the service I paid for or if I was going to presented with a new request for more money.

    I finally managed to get it right and complete a wonderful family tree with a unique product called ‘Government-Records.com’.

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    My name is Chris Clegg and like so many people who have tried to use the Internet for Genealogy research, I spent years desperately trying different public records sites trying to figure out how to research my ancestors and make a family tree.

    I hadn’t done a lot of serious genealogy research online or offline but desperately wanted to get things started. I needed a resources that would organize all the different options and help me make real progress.

    The Inevitable Was Right Around the Corner.

    I started with such excitement and zeal but soon realized it was going to be a challenge. I found a lot of sites that had ‘free’ services but found out they were mostly scams trying to tell me they had information that they didn’t.

    Only I would have to pay to realize that I was getting no were.

    public records

    I Tried Ancestry.com and Failed

    It seemed to be the most popular place to go to learn how to make a family tree.

    They were expensive, too expensive.

    When I signed up and started to type in my family name, people came up in the search results that I knew were not my ancestors. Money wasted.

    That’s when I turned to other online services. I figured I just needed something that was simpler.

    I Tried MyHeritage.com But Had To Give That Up Toopublic records

    They also cost money but not as expensive. However, I had the same problem.

    I would put in the names I knew and MyHeritage.com would either ask me to enter information I didn’t have or suggest people I really didn’t think where my ancestors.

    After a few weeks of hunting around their website I started find a couple ancestors I didn’t know about.

    However, after thinking the hard work behind me, I suddenly hit a brick wall. Sometimes I’d waste hours hunting for someone and the records would just stop. I didn’t have hours to waste.

    And that was the point when I realized I had to find another way.

    Eventually, I found something that worked.

    Having spent so much time, money and energy desperately trying to get any information on my fourth or fifth generation ancestors, that ultimately ended in frustration and wasted time, I had very little to show for my efforts.

    However, the next thing I tried that was called I had never heard of it before and because of my recent experiences, I was initially a little dubious. But after reading some extremely complimentary reviews and learning that the cost was minimal compared to everything else I considered, I decided to give it a shot.

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    What seemed to be so different with this site is that they provide access for a very long period of time for one very reasonable payment. I didn’t have to worry about getting billed over and over. They really did their homework to identify the things most important to a genealogy researcher (both the beginner like I was then and the more intermediate researcher like I am today).

    Here’s why I recommend them.

    The reason why I recommend I still use them almost daily and I haven’t paid a cent in years.

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    Although I did have some problems at first, they were quickly resolved.
    I typically use web browsing software called Firefox and their service required Internet Explorer. As soon as I started using Internet Explorer, everything worked fine. I’m sure you’ll agree it is pretty astonishing that I was able to find 5 ancestors in just the first 20 minutes. I have since been able to go back countless generations!

    I love the ability to take notes right in the service. I can find someone I think might be a lead and take detailed notes right on the records. That way, if or when I come across that person again, my notes come up with the records.

    I also appreciated the bonuses. They provide the best family tree software I know if, “Family Tree Maker” completely free. And it all resides within the website so I don’t have to download any software.

    They also provide two great guides, one called “Family Connection Guide” and another called “Become a Private Detective” (which is kind of fun to read but not my thing).

    In my opinion,
    this website is way more superior
    and far more effective
    than any of the other products
    or services I tried.

    Obviously everyone is different but it has worked extremely well for me. The genial part is you simply log in anytime you want do a little research. They tell you exactly how to do it.

    You log in, launch the family tree software, and you’re searching for your ancestors and filling out the tree; making notes as you go along right within the individual record search results.

    What could be simpler?

    You don’t even have to leave their site, register at other sites, or anything like that.

    Their service provides easy research tools by country through:

    • court records,
    • the census,
    • the military,
    • passenger manifests,
    • death records,
    • criminal checks,
    • adoption records,
    • marriage filings,
    • newspapers,
    • property deeds,
    • voter registrations,
    • and much, much more.

    Anyway, I hope you’ve found this information useful whatever your situation because if I had known about I wish you every success!


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    P.S. I offer this as a suggestion only. I’m sure the folks over at www ancestry com and myHeritage.com are great people and it is probable that they have many very happy customers. If you’d like to visit them directly you can do so by clicking on their link here www ancestry com or www.myheritage.com