• MOCAVO: The Search Engine for Genealogy

    Mocavo is turning out to be big news for genealogy. This FREE genealogy specific search engine was launched last spring and has been growing rapidly ever since. Now, with Ryan Hunter a former Wall Street Analyst at the helm and well-known genealogist Michael Leclerc coming on board, the future of Mocavo looks bright indeed.

    Mocavo offers an index of over four billion names and is reported to be the fasted search engine in the industry.


    Mocavo for Genealogy

    If you ask Mocavo how they measure up to Google, they will tell you that Google only indexes five percent of the webs genealogy content. This leaves millions of pages of family tree research information with no way to be searched. Mocavo is on a mission to “make searchable and index” ALL free genealogy information on the internet.

    Thus far, Mocavo includes National Archives, Ellis Island, Library of Congress and Find a Grave to mention just a few. Additionally, Mocavo will lead you to an extensive list of Family Trees and individual genealogy sites. While a Mocavo basic search is free an  upgrade to Mocavo Plus will increase your search power.

    Some of the features of the Mocavo Plus upgrade include:

    Wild Card Search

    If you are working off an old document and can only make out part of the name, just enter that and Mocavo will return a list of possible hits

    First Name Alternatives

    Just enter Liz and get returns for Lizzy, Elizabeth, Betty, actually any nickname alternative.

    Sounds Like

    We all have run across the many different spellings possible for an ancestor’s name. With Mocavo just enter the name as you know it. For instance, entering Abuda will return several combinations such as Habuda, Habood, Aboud etc. It saves from having to run a search for each.

    These features along with several more, allow genealogist to conduct smart searches that save a lot of time. Of course, there is a fee for Mocavo Plus membership but you can opt in for a yearly membership or just go month to month at a reasonable price.

    Once a member you will also have access to tools for publishing your own Family Tree that will let you share and collaborate with others.

    If you have already tried Mocavo, Genealogy Beginner would love to hear about it. Join us on the Genealogy in General Forum and share your thoughts with other Genealogy Beginners.


    Image Credit: esutera via Photobucket

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