• Maps of Historic London

    The folks over at Genealogy Insider have brought us a great post on London Maps. In an article by Grace we learn about the virtual exhibition of historical maps of the city from the British Library. This is a must visit, titles like this one from a map dating from 1653 should spark your interest for more.

    ‘A guide for Cuntrey men In the famous Cittey of LONDON by the helpe of wich plot they shall be able to know how farr it is to any Street.’

    In this exhibit you will find 40 historic plats organized via Google maps that can easily help you clarify the areas they correspond to. If you prefer, you also have the option of looking at maps by time period.

    You can access the full post by clicking here. It is really amazing how things are changing with the internet. There is no end to the resources available to us all in our search for our ancestors.


    Not interested in the map?

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