• Lesson 8: A Look at Genealogy Software

    Lesson 8: A Look at Genealogy Software

    Lesson 8: A Look at Genealogy Software looks at the enormous and baffling world of genealogy software and demystifies it before your eyes.

    This lesson is not another product review comparing brand X to Brand Y; It is an aid that explains in no nonsense terms, what genealogy software is, what it does and what it does not do.

    This lesson is designed solely to help the beginning genealogist decide for his or her self if special genealogy software is warranted — and if so, to help sort through the pros, cons, methods of use, and models of application available in an ever-growing and ever-changing marketplace.

    A timeless lesson that works to your benefit in deciphering the truth behind the sales pitches.

    Your past is uncharted, and filled with boundless potential. Here begins your voyage of discovery! Give yourself the never ending gift of heritage that will become your legacy to future generations. Enroll now in the complete course.

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