• Lesson 6: What’s in a First Name?

    Lesson 6: What's in a First Name?

    With the sixth entry in Genealogy Beginner lesson plan you will discover the importance of the role first names or Christian names play in tracing your ancestors.

    Lesson 6: What’s in a First Name? is filled with surprising and informative facts that will have you hot on the trail of your past generations.  Another key lesson in the series, lesson six serves up a concise guide to naming patterns and points out the significance of clues held in middle names that you would never think to look for.

    This lesson not only helps steer you toward revealing your next generation it will also help you guard against going down a dead end path by providing some lesser know facts about historical naming practices.

    Your past is uncharted, and filled with boundless potential. Here begins your voyage of discovery! Give yourself the never ending gift of heritage that will become your legacy to future generations. Enroll now in the complete course.

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