• Lesson 3: Getting Organized

    Lesson 3: Getting Organized

    Lesson 3: Getting Organized is a DO NOT MISS lesson in the series!

    Why? Because the skills you learn in this lesson will become essential to all future research!

    In Lesson three you will be introduced to the various and numerous data types that you will encounter as you progress with your research.

    The organizational methods taught in this pivotal lesson will decrease your chances of overlapping your inquiries; which is very easy to do after even just a few months of ancestor searches.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to master your genealogical organizational skills and gain confidence and competence today.

    Your past is uncharted, and filled with boundless potential. Here begins your voyage of discovery! Give yourself the never ending gift of heritage that will become your legacy to future generations. Enroll now in the complete course.

    As a student of Genealogy Beginner you will receive a free starter package, containing Family Tree Templates to help set you on your path. Additionally you will receive immediate full membership to our exclusive forums, where you can seek the assistance of our resident genealogist and participate as a member of the Genealogy Beginner community.

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