• Lesson 2: First Steps

    Lesson 2: First Steps

    First Steps is the second lesson in Genealogy Beginner’s step by step educational series — and here is where the real work starts, as you learn to mount of the most important rungs in building your family tree.

    This lesson guides you through your first encounter with genealogical forms — an extensive and often confusing subject, but necessary to document the vital information of your ancestors. Enroll now to study this key lesson, and learn to better spend your time on real research, rather than getting tangled up in paperwork.

    Lesson two’s simple format outlines everything you will need to get started on those all important first steps and is a logical continuation from Lesson 1: The Big Five.

    Your past is uncharted, and filled with boundless potential. Here begins your voyage of discovery! Give yourself the never ending gift of heritage that will become your legacy to future generations. Enroll now in the complete course.

    As a student of Genealogy Beginner you will receive a free starter package, containing Family Tree Templates to help set you on your path. Additionally you will receive immediate full membership to our exclusive forums, where you can seek the assistance of our resident genealogist and participate as a member of the Genealogy Beginner community.

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