• Genealogy Wikis

    Have you used a wiki for genealogy?

    Genealogy wikis are growing in popularity and it is no wonder as they are shaping up to be a fantastic free resource for doing genealogy research.  Not to mention a great way collaborate with others who have similar research interests.

    Two genealogy Wikis that stand out are WeRelate (over 2,000,000 pages of information on individuals and families) and Wiki Tree (3.9 million profiles).

    Both sites are free use and allow users to upload GEDCOM files, add scanned documents, photos and maps. In addition to this, the sites are filled with family history stories, biographies, and pedigrees (Family Trees).

    Here is a short list of just some of the ways you can use a wiki for your genealogy:

    • As a collaboration tool that allows researchers to work together to research, compare, publish, correct and update family tree information.
    • As a research tool to locate data on your research interests
    • As a great resource to learn about genealogy
    • Plan a Family Reunion – advertise, plan, coordinate, and communicate with your family
    • Blog about your research

    Using a genealogy wiki is easy; as soon as you register, you can begin working on your personal genealogy pages by adding your profile, starting a watch list or simply go straight to building your family tree.


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