• Genealogy Webinars for Genealogy Beginners

    Genealogy webinars are becoming a popular way to stay up to date with the latest genealogy news and events. They are also a great resource for genealogy beginners to learn some new research tricks and tips.

    A genealogy webinar is a live interactive class, lecture or interview that is broadcast at a scheduled time over the internet. They can be a great way to hear about new developments and family tree resources or just to hear expert genealogists give a lecture on your favorite genealogy subjects.

    While some genealogy webinars are free, some have a nominal fee. However, it is a good deal less expensive than travelling to a family history workshop and paying to hear the lecture live.

    How Do Genealogy Webinars Work?

    A lot goes into producing a good genealogy webinar.

    Usually they are:

    • Produced by a sponsor (generally the organizer of the webinar)
    • Presented by a host who introduces the key speakers or guests and screens calls
    • Attended by genealogy novices, hobbyists and professionals from their homes via computer

    How Do I Attend A Genealogy Webinar?

    Attending a genealogy webinar is simple; all you need is a computer with a high-speed internet connection and speakers. If you want to ask questions, a USB headset is recommended however, you can use a telephone.  Most importantly, you will need to preregister, as you may have to download software to participate. Downloading the software is quick, free, and anti virus protection is included. It really is very easy and instructions for download are given when you preregister.

    How Do I Find Genealogy Webinars?

    You can find genealogy webinars in many places on the internet. Nevertheless, Genealogy Beginner has found that the best resource is at Genea Webinars blog.  One of the reasons we think they are so wonderful is for their calendar of upcoming webinars. Another reason they are a favorite is that they have an archive of webinars. So, if you missed one you can still access it for ten days after it airs. This is perfect if you have a schedule conflict. One of the biggest reasons we love Genea Webinars is because most archived webinars are free.

    Here is a sneak peek into some of Gena Webinars upcoming shows:

    • Are You Ready for the 1940 U.S. Census Images with Thomas MacEntee, March 7
    • The Pursuit from Genealogy Hobbyist to Professional with John Kitzmiller and Claire Brison-Banks, April 4.
    • Reverse Genealogy: Finding the Living with Megan Smolenyak, April 25.
    • DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics with Ugo Perego. March 21.
    • What is a ‘Reasonably Exhaustive Search’? with Michael Hait. September 12.

    Genealogy Beginners Top Three Picks for Archived Webinars:

    • Digital Books and Sites for Genealogists
    • The Power of DNA in Unlocking Family Relationships
    • Organize, Share, and Publish Your Digital Photos with Heritage Collector Suite

    Genealogy Webinars are a good resource for genealogists no matter what your level of experience. If you are planning to attend a webinar for the first time and you need to learn a little more, join us on the Discovery Panel forums, where you will also find a link to Genea Webinars calendar and archives.

    Image Credit: Roundpegbiz via Photobucket

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