• Genealogy Services

    This page has a few online resources that we recommend. These are online service providers who will provide you with genealogy search assistance either as an organized collection of automated genealogy search services or as individual professionals you can hire to track down family records.

    Ancestry.com Free Trial
    At Ancestry.com you can start your family tree with their easy to understand, simple to use surname search engine. You simply enter a few simple facts about your family and they use what you entered to try and find more. Using this detective, one-step-at-a-time method, you can quickly and efficiently Search Billions of Names.

    Ancestry.com is also an industry leader in providing leads on your ancestors by taking advantage of the latest in science and technology. DNA Ancestry research is process that links you to your genetic cousins. At Ancestry.com they write:

    “You might already be familiar with how DNA testing can help solve crimes, confirm the paternity of children, and even determine the identity of ancient mummies. Now DNA can also help you with your genealogical research. It’s a simple and painless process to gather your DNA sample and within a few weeks have results that you can compare with the ever-expanding DNA Ancestry database to find potential genetic cousins.”

    Ancestry.com is truly an amazing company with a rich, and well respected history in the Genealogy community (both new comers and veterans alike). If you are not currently familiar with their services, pay them a visit to learn more.

    Footnote.com Free Trial
    This is quite a site. With the tagline, “Access millions of origional documents – most never sene on the web before.” they are certainly a force that you would be well served to know.Mr. Grossman over at StylaGala said it best when he wrote:


    “A huge library of files is incorporated via a partnership with the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, also on the web at http://www.archives.gov. Footnote has a much more user-friendly appeal than this government run website. It will be interesting to see if Footnote can generate a true global set of assets and documents.”

    I think they are off to a great start. Worth a visit.

    Records Ireland
    Here you’ll find a genealogist and Record Agent based in Dublin, Ireland, providing a professional genealogical record searching service and an on-line ordering facility.

    Records Ireland is a professional genealogical research service specialising in the provision of accurate and timely searching of specific genealogical records. Our decision to specialize in retrieval of specifically ordered records has allowed us to focus our service to clients, giving you the opportunity to direct your own research in a cost effective manner.

    Hilda McGauley, principal of Records Ireland has been involved in genealogical research since 1996. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland and has taken an active part in the Association’s activities for many years. Hilda also works with the Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Archives of Ireland.

    Click here to learn more about what Ms. McGauley can do to help you with your Genealogy search.

    As new sites come around that we think are worth your time, we’ll post them here. Please come back and visit again.