• Five Genealogy Resolutions You Can Keep

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    Are you busy planning your genealogy projects for 2012?  If you are, it is likely that a few genealogy resolutions have been running through your head.  The trick to resolutions is making them stick and that takes a little planning and organization.

    Therefore, start your 2012 genealogy resolutions with:

    Getting Your Family Tree Organized

    Lesson three in Genealogybeginner’s, Beginner Introductory Course Series states:

    The wise genealogist knows the value of good record keeping; once you begin it does not take long before you have accumulated large amounts of data, so much that it is not uncommon to lose track of what you have.  That is why; before you go any further, it is time for you to set up your filing system.

    If you are like me this is one of those jobs that lands in the –one of these days – pile. However, as the old saying goes, “A job started is a job half done”.  Get started by taking this lesson as part of the complete introductory series of lessons from Genealogybeginner. It is the best motivator for ticking number one off the genealogy resolutions list.

    Perform an Act of Genealogical Kindness

    This is a great way to start your new year! No matter how new you are to genealogy, everyone can do something to help someone else. Whether it is an offer to do a lookup, volunteering to help with an indexing project or just sharing something you have learned.  Your random act of genealogical kindness could mean the world to a fellow ancestor hunter.

    Get Involved in a Genealogy Group

    Whether it is just becoming active on a Family Tree forum or joining a Genealogy Facebook page, getting involved in a genealogy group or society keeps you motivated and is a great source of support.

    Publish Your Genealogy and Family History

    There are now so many options to publishing your family’s unique story; it is too easy not to do.  One of my favorite genealogy publishing sites is Stories to Tell, who will walk you through the process from draft to publication.

    Interview Your Oldest Living Relative

    If you keep no other genealogy resolution, make sure you keep this one.  It always surprises me how much you learn about people after they are gone.

    I learned this lesson a little too late in one instance when an uncle I had always meant to interview passed on. At his memorial, I learned that he was the 1958 All-Around Cowboy at the Calgary Stampede, was one of the first Blue Jean models and had been inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.  For all my years of knowing him, I never knew this.

    Genealogybeginner wishes you a happy 2012, may you break down all of your brick walls, enjoy the warmth of family, learn something new and have a very successful year of ancestor hunting.


    Image Credit: Khant Sai via Photobucket

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