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    When reviewing obituaries, it is helpful to know that most follow a fairly standard template format.  However, it seems there may be some confusion as to what this format is and, when reviewing or writing an obituary, what type of format to use or expect. To assist with this, we’ve reviewed a number of free obituary templates sites and present two of them here for your research.  Please let us know if we missed anything.


    This website has suggestions for those who wish to write an obituary for themselves or for a loved one. The purpose is to help one write an obituary that is lively, accurate and memorable.

    You can visit their section on templates by clicking here.

    Write Express
    Write Express is a site that sells letter writing software.  However, it also has an interesting tip about writing obituaries that may help for those looking for free obituary templates.

    Writing an obituary will never be easy, but if the task has fallen on your shoulders, a good set of free obituary templates may assist you in doing it well.


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