• Free Genealogy Software – 3 Things to Know

    Eventually most genealogy beginners are going to start thinking about a genealogy software program to record their research. There certainly are a lot of wonderful jam packed programs on the market to choose from. However, during the early stages of an ancestor hunt there is really no need to spend a lot of money (before you even have a good idea of what you want) on a Family Tree software program full of bells and whistles.



    All You Really Need

    A simple nuts and bolts genealogy software program that allows you to carry forward with your research, while keeping your family tree organized, is all that is really needed. A practical solution to this is, open source or “free” family tree software, that you can download in 10 minutes or less.

    Free Family Tree Software Essentials

    1. A good open source program for a beginning genealogist is one that will:
    • Easily record your data
    • Compile your evidence
    • Help you to analyze your findings

    2. A better beginning program will be:
    • Easy to navigate
    • Catch errors
    • Provide tutorials
    • Offer tech support

    3. The best program has all of the above and is:
    • Upgradable – you will not have to re-enter your data
    • GedCom compatible – you are free to choose whatever long term program you like.

    Using open source genealogy software gets you started immediately. In addition, some of these free programs rival a lot of the paid programs available. I know this because I have spent the last few days testing out several of them and am in the process of testing several more.

    At this point you may be saying “Gee thanks, but I still don’t know what one to choose”. Not to worry, over the next few days Genealogybeginner.com will have your choices narrowed down to a top three short list of open source programs; perfect for the beginning genealogists. Check back to see the final results.

    On the Other Hand

    You may have your heart set on purchasing your long term genealogy software program now. Or maybe you are thinking of purchasing one as a gift for someone special? Before you do, make certain you check out Genealogybeginner.com’s Lesson 8: A Look at Genealogy Software. A pivotal lesson that takes a long hard look at the enormous and baffling world of genealogy software, then demystifies it before your eyes.

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