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    You may have see genealogist Megan Smolenyak on Good Morning America or the Today Show. You may be more familiar with her from her books, her work with popular genealogy programming or from her numerous speaking engagements.

    From her dedication in finding the family of soldiers who are unaccounted for from past conflicts, (as a consultant with the U.S. Army), to her work as an outspoken advocate of using DNA to trace your roots Ms. Smolenyak is definitely a genealogist on a mission.

    If you are a fan you will not want to miss the opportunity to view her very first webinar “Reverse genealogy: Finding the Living”. Even better, you can view it free up until May 7, at Legacy Family Tree.

    Reverse Genealogy

    So what is reverse genealogy? In a nutshell, it is taking information discovered about your ancestors and using it to move forward in time in order to find living relatives.

    The Webinar begins with an informative questionnaire that lists why people want to find the living.

    The top two reasons:

    –          To find living cousins

    –          To solve mysteries using DNA

    In order to “find the living” Smolenyak uses two methods that she describes as

    1. Broadcasting, a method that incorporates the use of message boards and Social Networking to make it easy for people you are looking for to find you.
    2. Seeking, an aggressive research method where you actively work to seek out individuals with common ancestors.

    In her webinar you will learn about some fantastic resources, research guidelines and strategies that will help you to conduct an effective cousin search in addition to some great tips on how to approach your long lost relatives once you have found them.

    If you want to start a reverse genealogy project, you will not want to miss this chance to learn from a pro. Join us on the Genealogy News and Events forum for a direct link to the webinar.

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