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    From: Chris Clegg


    I’ll be sure to get you new information about Government-Records.com as it is made available to me. But I need your help first!

    Please check your email account for an email from me (Chris Clegg) that will ask you to confirm that it was actually you who submitted your email address. Once you click on the confirmation link, I’ll be able to send you the information you requested.

    At Genealogy Beginner we respect your privacy. And, we adhere carefully with US Law, specifically the CAN-SPAM Act which strongly suggests any email addresses submitted online are followed by a confirmation email to make sure the owner of that email address was the one who submitted it in the first place.

    The email will look like the image below. Click on the confirmation link (or paste it into your browser).

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    (Screen Shot of Email In Your Inbox)


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