• Family Search Adds Millions of New Records in September of 2011

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    On September 7, 2011, Family Search once again enriched the genealogy community by adding millions of new records to its database. Included in the new additions are records from the US, Canada, Mexico, England and South Africa. Let us take a little closer look at this new genealogical treasure trove. The majority of the US records focus on Union and Confederate soldiers who served in the American Civil War and include records from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and Missouri.

    In addition to the Civil War Records, you will also find.

    Applications for headstones for military veterans, 1925-1941

    This collection contains images of the applications of the Cemetarial Division of the Quartermaster General.  Most of these records are for Civil war veterans although a few do cover earlier wars.

    Index of passenger arrivals in the gulf ports, 1820-1874

    In this set of records, you will find a card index for passengers that arrived in 70 ports along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Sadly, there are none included from New York.

    Records of national homes for US disabled volunteer soldiers, 1866-1938

    This collection contains a wealth of historical registers for veterans admitted to 12 regional homes. Information in these records include (but are not limited to) Company, regiment, marital status, birthplace, date and cause of death.

    Records of confederate prisoners of war, 1861-1865

    An incredible 427 images of volumes are contained in this record set from the War Departments office of the Commissary General and the Surgeon Generals office.

    Index to the Pension Application Files, for the War of 1812, 1812-1910

    A collection containing the soldier’s name, military service information and widow’s name.

    Canadian notorial records

    Notarial records, distinct to Quebec Canada; are a record of private agreement taken by a notary and are a legal and binding contract. Notary records include marriage contracts, leases, inventories and wills.

    Quebec notarial records, 1800-1900

    In this collection you will find the records arranged by geographic location, notary and time period.

    England miscellaneous records

    A collection of records from the Northumberland Archives Service. This miscellaneous assembly includes Parish Registers, Electoral Registers and Nonconformist records.


    Mexico, Guanajuato, Catholic Church Records, 1576-1984. Marriages and Baptisms from the Catholic Parishes in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico are kept in this collection.

    Mexico, México Estado, Civil Registration, 1861-1941. An assortment of Civil registrations, (births, marriages and deaths), from the state of México Edo, Mexico.

    South Africa

    South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970. You will find an index and images of marriages and baptisms along with records of membership in the Dutch Reformed Catholic Church.  This collection covers the locations, Namibia, Cape of Good Hope province and Transvaal province

    The records contained in all collections are being published in full, as images become available.

    For more on these new record additions visit Family Search.org


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