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    US Social Security Office for Genealogy

    Did you know that any United States citizen living in the US on or after 1936 is required by law to have obtained a Social Security Card. A Social Security Card is obtained by filing a Social Security Application. Social Security Applications are a part of the public record. The Social Security Application requires the applicant to state their mother’s and father’s full name. Very helpful to someone researching their family tree. To get access to these public records, you Continue reading “US Social Security Office for Genealogy” »

    Voter Registration List Reveals Celebrity Genealogy

    PROVO, Utah, Jan 31, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Ancestry.com, the largest online resource for family history, today announced the launch of California Voter Registration Lists documenting more than 30 million names of Californians who registered to vote between 1900 and 1944. Several California celebrities and political figures are found inside the collection, including: Actor and future U.S. President Ronald Reagan was registered to vote in 1942 as a Democrat and remained a registered party member until atleast 1954.  According Continue reading “Voter Registration List Reveals Celebrity Genealogy” »