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    Ancestry.com Dendrology 101: Ancestry’s Mythical OneWorldConnect

    According to one competitor’s website, Ancestry.com has a tree system called OneWorldConnect. See the detail from their website, below. Sorry, guys. There is no such tree system. One wonders if they were trying to reference OneWorldTree or WorldConnect. However, OneWorldTree is, to use their terminology, an “Internet-Based Collective Family Tree” (albeit read-only). And WorldConnect is “a collection of family trees.”

    A competitor examines Ancestry's non-existent OneWorldConnect
    A competitor examines Ancestry’s non-existent OneWorldConnect

    In my opinion, an example of a “Linked Family Tree” is GenCircles Global Tree and their SmartMatching. But this isn’t meant to be an inventory of all Internet tree systems. Otherwise I’d take the time to show you an example of GenCircles SmartMatching for George Washington.

    In conclusion, be assured that Ancestry.com has no OneWorldConnect and has no Linked Family Tree.

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