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    Ancestry.com’s Card Catalogs are a fantastic resource for helping all of you genealogists and family history buffs locate documents for your generations past. Sorting through the immense amount of information available is a task that can be extremely overwhelming.  The card catalogue will help simplify the process; it will let you search in the same way your local libraries’ card catalogue does.

    Click the Search tab

    You can search by:






    If you have any troubles don’t worry; The Ancestry Insider has done it again with another enormously helpful article; this one is a fantastic “How-To” post about Ancestry.com’s Card Catalogs.

    Complete with excellent screen shots, this short but sweet step by step guide walks you through both the new and old catalogue search functions and will have you searching like a pro in no time.


    Old Search

    For old search, click Card Catalog under Search Resources


    New Search

    For new search, click Go to the Card Catalog in the Featured box


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    (Notice and images  from The Ancestry Insider.)


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