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    Picture this, you have gathered all of the information for your immediate family and grandparents and are ready to start documenting it. You have looked all over the internet and have found so many types of family tree charts that you are now completely overwhelmed. What type of tree should you use? My advice to the beginning genealogist is…for now… just keep it simple. Start off with your family group sheet and a basic six generation pedigree chart. At this point you do not need to go to any expense ( we have some complimentary ones to get you started just click the links above) as you still have so much research and learning ahead of you.

    You don’t need more than a simple, easy to follow, straight forward form.  As you continue with your research you will gain a better idea of exactly what chart you want to use for presentation purposes.

    The chart you use while documenting your initial findings should be:

    • Simple,
    • Well laid out
    • Clean in design

    So you can easily record your information onto it in a way that will be understandable in the future, when I was just beginning having lots of space for writing was an important factor. A six generation chart will work well for that purpose. Later, as your family tree expands, so can the size of your pedigree chart and as your experience grows you will find larger charts more manageable and easy to read.

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    One Response to “About Genealogy Trees”
    1. this site mentioned irish informations available. is there volga german iformation avaliable. that is germans from russia? my email addy is: barbramccown@yahoo.com . i would be very interested in that.

      also, i have not heard of this site. is it affiliated in any way to genealogy.com or ansestry.com or any of the others. how long has this site been on line?

      does your site have ship manafest information? like for the ss professor woerman in march 1907, and the ss chemniz 1907?

      thanks for your patience with me. :)

      barbara mccown

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