• A Small Collection of Online Genealogy Records

    Overall at the Genealogy Roots Blog Joe has organized a collection of records into a search-able database.  Thought you might find this interesting and worth a look.





    Genealogy Roots Blog: A Small Collection of Online Genealogy Records

    Over the last few years my various websites have accumulated a messy pile of transcribed genealogy records.  Most of these are ship passenger lists, but there are one or two other records as well. Many of the names are German and Irish, but other nationalities are also included. Even though these transcriptions are scattered around the web in a seemingly haphazard way — there really is a method behind all of it I think, or I thought there was at the time — you can search all of them from one place.

    Right here: Search Some Cool, Obscure, Weird Genealogy Records and Passenger Lists

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